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Then, with a new Ithorian master to follow, R2 is laid low by a computer virus! The hotheaded Valkyrie — and Annabelle Riggs, the human who shares her form. Skurge the Executioner, freshly returned from Hel. Throg, the mighty frog of thunder. And the Destroyer, the Asgardian armor built to take down Celestials — its current occupant unknown. A team of murderers, assassins, heroes — and frogs — assembles to save the universe from a weapon even Thor himself would fear to fight!

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But when her outer-space adventure puts the entire cultural history of her continent at risk from an energy-sapping alien threat, can Shuri and Iron Man save Africa? Or seen Tommy Boy? This is just like that, but with Spider-Man and Deadpool. The two red-clad heroes are traveling across America, discovering their country and true friendship — and just like every other great road trip, this one ends up in the Negative Zone!

No, no. As Eddie finds himself truly alone for the first time in a long time, the silence is deafening. Now, at last, she learns the shocking source of the Staff of One — and things will never be the same!

Meanwhile, Christmas comes to the hostel — but a familiar face could ruin everything. Alex Wilder is back!

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No one led the Runaways better than him — and no one hurt them more. But who is A. How does this fearsome foe know Nadia? And what does A. And Nadia meets her match in the form of a returning fan-favorite female fighter! Weapon H joins Captain America in battle against the Skrullduggers! What the heck are they? Why, dragon-monsters with Skrull shape-shifting powers, obviously! But what have they got to do with Roxxon? And are they from outer space — or somewhere far worse?

The man called Shatterstar has been many things. Shatterstar had found a new life…found peace. But with a simple act of violence, his world is turned upside down. Nothing makes sense anymore — except for a pair of double-bladed swords and a single path forward that guarantees bloodshed. Sharpen your swords, True Believers, and get ready to fight! With lives hanging in the balance, Shatterstar is pushed to the brink by the life he thought he left behind and goes toe-to-toe with the only opponent with a prayer of taking him down: himself!

Morbius, the Living Vampire! Jack Russell, cursed to be a Werewolf by Night! And the flame-skulled spirit of vengeance, the Ghost Rider! But what happens when they are forced together to become…the Legion of Monsters? The FF must regroup to overcome the one threat their incredible powers cannot defeat — bankruptcy! And when Reed, Sue and Ben take Franklin on a camping trip to the Pine Barrens, what they find is a strange creature that may well be the Jersey Devil! While New York freezes in the icy grip of winter, an old foe resurfaces with a grudge: Namor!

And blind sculptress Alicia Masters has her sight restored — but at what cost? Or the strangely intense man who sits in the rear seat of the patrol car, his eyes flashing green. But all that is about to change.

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Matt Murdock is beginning to remember. But only one man can find the answers — a man who once ruled a nation! In a colorless world without heroes, these individuals face a mystery that can only be unraveled…a threat that can only be challenged…by Knights. Now the ruthless Black Order has been dispatched by the Grandmaster to destabilize a burgeoning empire — but as big and as bad as they are, there is always someone bigger and badder. You go to assassinate an emperor, he turns the tables, and suddenly a very simple mission gets a whole lot more complicated — and the man called Nova shows up to spoil all the fun!

As the Black Order suffers a painful and unexpected defeat, their new teammate the Black Swan is presented with a simple choice: stay and risk an ungainly end — or leave and abandon the closest thing she has to a family. Empires, rebellions, spies and sabotage combine in an absolutely unhinged adventure!

Ask yourself what if Marvel went metal with Ghost Rider? On other worlds, Odin is slain, Jotunheim becomes home to a Thor raised by the king of the Frost Giants! First, the Mandarin pits Iron Man against the Incredible Hulk in a battle of the titans that only one will walk away from. Life-Model Decoy. First, the machinations of Hera and Ares pit Hercules against Thor! And the demonic return of a classic villain teaches the Avengers to fear the Grim Reaper — not to mention his shambling Legion of the Unliving!

But what is the secret behind their dastardly plan — and why is their next target the Black Panther? Plus: The Avengers aid Arkon! But while an alien spreads horror in orbit, the Rhino wreaks havoc on Earth! Fearsome foes are lining up to take down Iron Man — but will Blacklash, Blizzard and Boomerang help him against the Ghost? The hidden past of S. Michelangelo has been pulling the strings for years — but can even he keep Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton from killing each other and destroying the Brotherhood of the Shield? The battle for the Immortal City comes to a climactic conclusion!

Michelangelo and Nikola Tesla kick their plan into high gear! Galileo takes on Galactus! The truth behind Nostradamus is uncovered! And Howard Stark lays the foundation for the espionage organization you know and love! But the battle that decides our present will be fought in the future… Collecting S. First, Miguel shares a body-swapping, timeline-tangling adventure with none other than Peter Parker, the ever-amazing Spider-Man of the modern day!

But how does the Green Goblin of the far-flung year fit into the madness? Miguel finally gets back to the future, only to be drawn into the web of Doom — Doctor Doom, that is, who has taken over the United States! And tragedy strikes when the Venom of attacks! Jonah Jameson squarely in his sights!

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Will it bring him closer to the newly returned Mary Jane or push her further away? Plus: Eddie Brock finds a new way to live — as Anti-Venom! Jackpot makes the scene! And Deadpool strikes! What better way to raise his spirits than hanging out with his good pal Johnny Storm? An old foe, Sandman, is also struggling to hold it all together, while a new menace spells disaster — Typeface!

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But when the Green Goblin returns, will Peter succumb to his twisted worldview? Or will Spidey get a new lease on life when the truth about Mary Jane is revealed? Plus: Robot Master! Maximum Security! And the NYPD! Marvel rush Aamir to the high school which had been established two issues earlier as an evacuation center.

While Bruno tends to Aamir, Kamala and Carol have a final talk about being prepared for the possible end of everything before the latter leaves, presumably to try and save the world from destruction. After a confrontation with Aamir over his new powers, their parents show up.


The issue ends with a shocking reveal that will have major repercussions in at least the final issue of the series, and possibly longer depending what Ms. From a plot standpoint, the age-old concept of heroic team-up really works here, as it truly is the end of the world. Marvel bond. This was a meeting that fans have been waiting for, and writer G.

Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #18

Willow Wilson really knocks it out of the park. The definite highlight for me was the scene where they discover the abandoned litter of cats in I loved how that was played as the moment that really drove home the seriousness of the situation to Ms. I really liked the fact that he was happy with who he was, and had no desire for any type of super powers either before or after he got them. The scenes of Jersey City on the brink of collapse were quite well done, especially the large crowds of terrified citizens. Wilson , Parker.

Wilson , Sauvage. Wilson , Alphona.

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Wilson , Mckelvie. Wilson , Pichelli. All Series. Marvel - Ms.